Luenette Tipo 5 -- H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Germany

Lunetta a forma di C - con parte superiore orientabile
Tipo 5-1 Variante 12

Mazak Integrex e-670 H2 - Lunetta a forma di C - con parte superiore orientabile, costruito da H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Germania
.216 167
Diametro: Dmax 1000 mm - Dmin 790 mm
Altezza Delle Punte: 588 mm
Carico: 500 kg
Bussole: 60 mm
Macchina utensile: Mazak Integrex e-670 H2

Steady Rest with swivelling top.

The Mazak e-670 H2 has a max. swing diameter of 1070 mm. The narrow Steady Rest body enables the machine to have a largest possible clamping diameter of 1000 mm.

The C-shaped Steady Rest is screwed directly onto the steady rest preparation of the Mazak e-670 H2 with the appropriately constructed foot and can be used immediately after arrival in your factory.

The rollers have a special encapsulation with combined purge air to keep chips mixed with cooling lubricant away from the rollers. This ensures that the workpiece runs smoothly and the rollers have a long service life.

The operator can ergonomically and time-savingly set all three quills to the correct workpiece diameter from the front.

Thanks to the swiveling upper part, the machine can be quickly loaded and unloaded with workpieces by crane.
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